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An index, of sorts, of skills with back-links to projects where these skills are more applied.

Frameworks & Libraries

  • Asyncio (Python): Facebook
  • BeautifulSoup (Python - HTML parsing): various minor web-scraping projects
  • Django (Python - backend web framework): SolidWorks Webapp SCARA Arm Webapp
  • Gatsby (Static Site Generator): This Website
  • Google Test (Unit Testing, primarily C/C++): as a TA we used Google Test for many testing programs
  • Google RPC (Cross-Language Remote Procedure Calls): CSCE 438 - TinySNS
  • Make (Build System): Most of my C/C++ projects use make as well as being a learning objective when I was a Teacher's Assistant
  • React (Front End Framework): This Website
  • Py Unittest (Unit Testing, Python): Used in various projects
  • Windows API: CSCE 313 - Wikipedia Indexer
  • Windows COM (C#): SolidWorks API
See also Facebook for technologies used during my internships with Facebook

Programming Languages


  • Cura: (for 3D Printers) I guess technically its CAM software
  • Autodesk Fusion 360: primary CAM package I've utilized
  • Autodesk Inventor: I used their API briefly while working on GPU Packing Project
  • RDWorks: (for Laser Cutters) if Cura counts as CAM then this should too I guess
  • SolidWorks: 12d Printer Scara Arm - Certified SolidWorks Processional (2019)


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