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Current Project Disclaimer This is an ongoing project. Check back later for a more complete discussion.

Its a simple (borderline blog) style website. I don't think there's much to say. Its built using Gatsby and React. The project originally started in 2016. It was on again off again for many months until fall 2019 when a class required us to develop and publish a website. At the time, I had the best intentions of keeping it updated. That didn't end up happening, mostly because it was a mess of copy-paste and python scripts to try and make the theme consistent across all pages. That's what's motivated the recent re-write (and also the fact that im currently semi-actively job searching).

So far, the Gatsby React stack has made editing a much more pleasant experience. Hopefully that means that things will be kept up to date in the future. However, there is one key process that is still manual: the layout and cross linking. I'm a big fan of Markdown; I used it for many course projects because it was fast to write and I could render it to a very pretty pdf for submission online. I would love to write Markdown for the website and have it generate webpages automatically. I know I could automate it with Python, but also some plugin must exist to handle this. Thats a project for after the website's content is updated to reflect the last three years.

I really want to not care about frontend things. However, the more I do, the more it becomes a really easy to display output. So this is my middle ground; I'm going to learn enough webapp / frontend stuff to be able to brute force my way though the process but not enough the get a job doing it. I'm going to find ways that work but probably not the best way. I'm happy with how the website feels and flows, but I acknowledge that it could be better (especially on how it looks). However, thats not, and probably will never be a priority; I have other things that are more interesting.

As I wrote in 2019, "Perhaps in another three years I will get around to fixing that". I'm leaving this here because its been three years since I wrote that and hopefully the next round of updates will be sooner than three years from now.

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