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For quite some time, I have recognized the importance of having a website. I first started on the project of creating a website in 2016. After several years of on and off interest in the process, I finally began to make some serious progress during the spring of 2019. Unfortunately, the website was not finished then. It became a summer project, and ultimately a project for the fall. Fortunately, due to both the internship search 2020 kicking off and a requirement for one class to complete a website, the project was finally publishable after several years.

The website in question is of course this one, I knew that I wanted to learn some HTML and CSS. However, this project confirmed that I am not interested in doing so full time. This website was made 100% free range, hormone free, by hand, in VSCode. I had no real formal instruction: instead I sort of winged it until it felt right. I'm actually quite happy with how the project turned out in the end. The color pallet is nice and works well together. I especially like the logo I developed. I feel that it is similar to some company. However, I haven't been able to find who it was, so I'm assuming I was first and that I'm okay to use it. If your company is the one whose logo I unintentionally copied, please let me know. We will work something out.

There are many things I would update about the website, primarily revolving around making it more mobile responsive. Right now, on mobile a yellow banner appears at the top of every page. However, most of the content was placed in such a way to make mobile feasible. For right now, I've had my share of fixing strange CSS issues. Perhaps in another three years I will get around to fixing that.