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Research Summer 2019

Starting Summer 2019, I worked in a research lab at Texas A&M University. The lab was focused on the 3D printing of Continuous Carbon Fiber Reinforced Thermosetting Composites using 5-Axis Robot Arm. I was responsible for the control software to produce the desired printing behavior.

ENGR 112: Marble Sorter

ENGR 112 at Texas A&M is all about the "Marble Sorter" project, aka "Freshman Capstone." My team and I designed, tested, and built a system to sort, store, and retrieve the marbles as specified by provided barcodes.

Spark Drive

The Spark Drive is a novel drivetrain system for FRC robots which allows for real-time switching between traction and omni wheels. It was used by FRC team 2848 in 2017 with great success, placing 4th in the World Championship.


A short meta-article about the creation of this website.

More projects coming soon!