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Work Experience: KidKraft

For the summers of 2017 and 2018 I worked for KidKraft, an international toy company based out of Dallas, TX. My job title was "Summer Engineering Intern" and my responsibilities were about just as vague. I worked for the various engineering departments completing a variety of task throughout the product development lifecycle. Primarily I worked with the Technical Quality Engineering group. This team was responsible for Quality Assurance and Safety Compliance. One of my key responsibilities was to proofread print and digital assembly instructions and provide revisions. I also helped to assemble samples from China to check for accuracy and prepare for photography. Finally, with this group, I helped to maintain the internal documentation around the various product/product lines.

I also worked with the Product Development group. There my responsibilities were primarily Computer Aided Design (CAD) related. I often worked to adapt artistic models into well-structured SolidWorks models without altering the item's feel. Additionally, for the Product Development group, I prepared numerous quote packets for new items. Finally, I got to design parts which could be injection molded and helped the engineering groups to explore the use of SolidWorks' simulation features to validate safety compliance prior to manufacture.

References are available upon request.