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My name is Spencer Gautreaux. This is my website. I am a Junior Computer Science student at Texas A&M University. Presently I have accepted an internship for summer 2020. You can quickly jump to my online resume via the Professional or to my project portfolio via Projects.

Last summer, I worked doing research for Dr. Shiren Wang at Texas A&M University. I worked on 3D Printing of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Thermosetting Composites. Specifically, I worked to develop the printing apparatus: a 5-axis robot arm and the control software required. More information is available on the Research 2019 page. Prior to that, I interned with KidKraft at their global headquarters in Dallas, Texas during the summers of 2017 and 2018. I supported their various engineering departments in a multitude of ways. More information can be found on the KidKraft Summary page.

My interests are varied. In Computer Science, I have interests in Robotics, Swarm Control, and multi-robot systems. Outside of computer science, I have dabbled in many areas. I've spent some time informally studying digital design both for web and print. Additionally, I began to learn blender. My experience with SolidWorks helped somewhat in this regard. Additionally, I am still tangentially involved in First Robotics Competition, a high-school robotics competition in a couple capacities. Most recently, I have picked up an interest in Data Science.