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FIRST Robotics Competition Experience

FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) is a high school robotics competition in which students design and build a ~120-pound robot. Following a 45-day build period, the robots compete in a unique game each year developed by FIRST, the organization which manages FRC and similar programs. For three of my high school years, I was a member of FIRST Robotics Competition team 2848 All Sparks (Now 2848 Rangers). While on the team, I held multiple roles including team president during my senior year, 2017 (Steamworks). The team provided me many unique experiences including an introduction to machining and SolidWorks, the latter of which helped me secure my first job with KidKraft. I worked on many unique problems, my favorite of which, the Spark Drive, is documented on this website. While on the team, I didn't really do any programming work, rather, I was heavily involved on the mechanical side, from design to fabrication to assembly and repairs. It was really a unique experience.

In college, I was approached by a friend from 2848 about joining Aggie FIRST Robotics a new organization he was developing at Texas A&M. I was to be in charge of Robot in 3 Days (Ri3D, later renamed RDQ - Robots Done Quick). Ri3D is an unsanctioned program where groups attempt to complete the FRC challenge in 3 days (because 45 was simply too easy). For Ri3D, I am responsible for the sourcing of material, manpower, and facilities to make best use of the limited time resources available to the group. The program has occurred in both 2018 (Power Up) and 2019 (Destination: Deep Space), with a little bit of growing pains. Overall, the program has been successful and is continuing forward into 2019. Additionally, through AFR, I have volunteered as a Robot Inspector in both 2018 and 2019, which was fun.

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